Monday, September 3, 2012


Social Justice High School firings
“The foundation from which Social Justice High School was built on was from unity and the need to rectify an ongoing injustice. What set SoJo apart was its strong connection between teachers and parents, but now that’s changed.” -- Patricia Buenrostro, original Little Village H.S. hunger striker
As strike approaches in Chicago
"The strike obviously is a big piece of the picture, but it's not the only thing out there. It feels like there's complete chaos across the system." -- Jonathan Goldman, a Local School Council chair at Drummond Elementary
Clint Eastwood
"...we own this country. “We own it." -- Speech at RNC
Ravitch warned White House
 I told them how disheartened teachers were by their whole approach, that they had aligned themselves with the GOP agenda. I warned that they would lose the 2010 elections if they didn’t get a different agenda. I told them that what they were doing would not succeed and would have terrible consequences. They didn’t listen. -- About That Meeting at the White House
Jeb Bush 
Everywhere in our lives, we get the chance to choose. Go down any supermarket aisle - you’ll find an incredible selection of milk. You can get whole milk, 2% milk, low-fat milk or skim milk. Organic milk, and milk with extra Vitamin D. There’s flavored milk — chocolate, strawberry or vanilla — and it doesn’t even taste like milk. They even make milk for people who can’t drink milk. Shouldn’t parents have that kind of choice in schools? -- Washington Post

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