Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rahm giddy in Charlotte as strike nears

As the strike deadline draws near, I'm taken with image of Rahm Emanuel, last night, still in Charlotte, giggling like a little boy in front of the TV cameras and clapping wildly as his patron Clinton lectures the eager crowd. For a moment I thought he was going to pee himself.

Meanwhile back home, the CTU was not impressed. The union upped the ante yesterday, filing a charge with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board accusing CPS, among other things, of unfairly denying CTU members “step” increases for additional years of experience. CTU officials contended the board must honor the step increases in the current contract until a new contract replaces it. 

In response to the charges and feeling the stress of mounting public pressure and possible damage to the Obama campaign, CPS made a concession. While they refused to move off of their measly 2% pay increase offer, the board did move away from its "merit pay" demand -- a major concession. Previously, CPS had proposed that CTU members would get a tiny fourth-year raise only if they had agreed to a “differentiated compensation plan’’ that year.
Back home, CPS' attack dog, Becky Carroll continues to jeopardize the negotiations with her anti-union outbursts. Here's Sun-Times reporters account:
Asked for comment, CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll said by email, “It is unfortunate that the union continues to mischaracterize the proposals made during negotiations. Their insistence on regularly misleading the public and their own membership is appalling and does a disservice to students.’’ Carroll did not immediately explain how the union had mischaracterized talks.
Someone over there at Clark St. should yank on her leash.

Best headline comes from The Chicagoist: 
Rahm Applauds Unions As He Tries To Bust One At Home
 Emanuel, his voice cracking like Peter Brady entering puberty, listed the achievements of Obama's first term and, notably, spoke of the importance of listening to labor unions in bailing out the auto industry, the highest of ironies given how he's trying to bust the Chicago Teachers Union at home. "Unions are great, as long as they aren't teaching your kids."
Charles Pierce at Esquire had this to say about Rahm in Charlotte:
So to hell with all of you squalling hippies. Rahm was in the room, beeyotches. He was there when the president "made the right choice" on the auto industry, so forget Rattner's book where he's quoted as saying, "Fuck the UAW." (Rahm says "fuck" a lot. He likes to make waitresses cry.) 

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