Monday, August 23, 2010


Pres. Obama
"We can't allow the corporate takeover of our democracy." (Weekly Address)
Diane Ravitch responds
"What about our schools?" (Tweet)
Wapo's Jay Mathews
If Mayor Adrian M. Fenty loses the Democratic primary, Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee -- the most divisive D.C. educator in my 39 years at the Post -- will likely leave.(Class Struggle)
Deb Meier on Merrow's applause for L.A. Times
Shocking, awful, embarrassing–especially since I have long admired you both–Grant [Wiggins] and, John... Even when I fired people for far better reasons, I did it in ways that would cause the least hurt possible. Teachers who are unsuccessful are not criminals, or bad people, or deserving of being mistreated. It’s a blow against our common humanity–surely the most precious thing we have to pass on to our children. By our way of treating each other shall we be known. (Do you imagine the possibility of this being done to one of your own offspring??? In any field?) I presume you’d like us also to go back to the days when the kids scores are publicly posted too. Maybe we can add their families–to spread the “shame” as widely as we can. (Comment on Merrow's Taking Note blog)

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