Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love in the Ownership Society -- Part 2


Turns out, Crate & Barrel doesn't carry brooms. So I ran over to Home Depot and got this Rubbermaid puppy with a stained/lacquered wood handle for only $21.79. I'm sure Michelle will love it. Problem is, how to ship it to Sacramento? Will they let me take it on the plane? I hear they're now charging big money for carry-ons.

Got home and sure enough, my wedding invitation was in the mail (KJ and Michelle must have read my blog yesterday and realized they had left me off the list). That's when I found it--the typo of the century. Sure, you say, it's only a spelling error. But jeez, now there's even a story in the Post. How the hell do you misspell the name of the billionaire real estate mogul who's footing the wedding bill and hosting it at his mansion? I mean, this is Kevin's patron, the guy who bankrolled his campaign.

Come on Michelle. I know you're not an educator but...

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  1. I'm only 90 miles from Sacramento. Maybe I could deliver your gift. Is it too rude to do a flash mob at someone's wedding?


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