Monday, August 2, 2010

N.Y.'s reform shipwreck

In N.Y. top-down, corporate school reform is in shambles. Nine years of Mayor Bloomberg's testing madness with inflated results, school closings, charter-izing and privatizing have produced little besides demoralization and conflict. The Sunday Times ("When 81% Passing Suddenly Becomes 18%") reports that test scores have plummeted and that the gap between white and students of color has grown wider. Charter schools continue to under-perform neighborhood schools. His only message to the city's educators, repeated often by the mayor's toadies: stop complaining and work harder. Problem is--the ship, headed in the wrong direction, has washed up on the rocks and rowing harder just won't work.

Barack, Arnie--you watching this?


  1. See how Wall Street Journal spun the story as great success for charter schools.

  2. the entire school system in NYC has been spiraling out of control. I was so hopeful when Obama promised money toward education, especially early childhood education, but I have certainly failed to see anything positive...only more scrambling, cutbacks, and layoffs.


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