Monday, August 9, 2010


Obama--'If I were a teacher...'
So FDR I think said—he was asked once what he thought about unions. He said, “If I was a worker in a factory and I wanted to improve my life, I would join a union.” Well, I tell you what. I think that’s true for workers generally. I think if I was a coal miner, I’d want a union representing me to make sure that I was safe and you did not have some of the tragedies that we’ve been seeing in the coal industry. If I was a teacher, I’d want a union to make sure that the teachers’ perspective was represented as we think about shaping an education system for our future. (AFL-CIO Now)
Richard Trumka, Pres. AFL-CIO
We cannot accept as "normal" almost 15 million Americans out of work and another 8.5 million underemployed, or unemployment rates of 15.6 percent among African Americans and 26.1 percent among teenagers. Maybe our companies can function with the status quo, sheltered by hidden wads of cash and a recovering stock market -- but our families can't. (Huffington)
Joel Klein's PR flack lying and hating on Diane
The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining EducationBut if Ms. Ravitch had her way, she'd probably do away with tests all together -- she doesn't believe in a system of accountability because, in her words "children arrive in school with poor attitudes toward learning" and even the best teachers are "not going to make them learn." (Huffington)
UFT member, Mark Kagan
It’s morally and ethically wrong to take away the jobs of people who have worked hard for decades simply because a cheaper body can be found. It is a spiritual pollution of the values that we should uphold. It is another step away from civilized behavior toward the idea that only might makes right. If we can make this case to the public we can win; otherwise, scratch and claw as we will, we will be fighting an ultimately losing battle. (The Chief) 
Columbia prof, Justin Snider
We remain very far from an accountability system impervious to perverse incentives. Therefore, we must be very careful in how we use student test scores in any decisions, especially those about personnel. (The Answer Sheet)

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