Friday, August 27, 2010

Racing to the cliché bar

Duncan sets national speed-rapping record for most ed clichés and "exceeds his wildest dreams" in just a 4-minute interview. "Raising the bar" tops. Count 'em.


  1. I knew that guy must be good at something. Cliches, platitudes, homilies--he's the DC go-to guy for that.

  2. "Amazing progress, higher standards, courage, innovation, quiet revolution, educate our way to economic something, dummying down standards, third rail, raise the bar, breathtaking amount of change, heavy lifting, blueprints of reform, this is a national movement, moving the country where we need to go, raising the bar, better results for the children,..."

    Interviewer: "We just set the record for raising the bar."

    Phew! I missed a bunch of them.

  3. I use to work for CPS. I had to sit in meetings with the guy before and after his promotion to CEO. There is no one home. He had very savvy coaches for advancing his career, paid for by tax payers, on staff. We all know Obama was his buddy way back when, but also, the Mayor's wife was also quite fond of him. Once made CEO, one could not say the name "Vallas". Anything and everything Vallas or even associated with Vallas was undone. It was not too long after the Duncan rise that questioning executive level ideas was no longer permitted. If you dared to do so, off with your head! Duncan surrounded himself with very evil people on the 5th floor, and then it spread up and down 125 South Clark Street.

  4. Here's my take on Duncan and his cliche reforms.


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