Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Christie tells Baraka, "We are the deciders..."
Gov. Chris Christie to Mayor Baraka
"I also made very clear to [Baraka] that it is the state government that runs the school system in Newark, and that while I will talk with him and hear his ideas, that we are the deciders on what happens in the school system.” -- Thom Hartman
Chicago Alderman "Slow Eddie" Burke
“There are a lot of weirdos roaming around..." -- Sun-Times
Times reporter Jennifer Medina
In the car, the police said, were three semiautomatic handguns, along with magazines loaded with more than 400 rounds of ammunition — all bought legally at local gun stores. -- New York Times
Pope Francis
"The time has come for everyone to find the courage to be generous and creative in the service of the common good, the courage to forge a peace which rests on the acknowledgment by all of the right of two States to exist and to live in peace and security within internationally recognized borders." -- At Israel's Separation Barrier 

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