Monday, May 19, 2014

WEEKEND QUOTABLES 60 years after Brown

Grandparent Ollie Clements at Gresham sit-in
Donna Brazile 
"Sixty years later, 'separate and unequal' is still alive...privatizing our school systems results in increased segregation, not improved opportunities." -- CNN
Gary Younge
Racism is far more than old white men using the N-word -- The Guardian
Ollie Clements, a grandparent of a Gresham student
“Not just books and textbooks and other materials. We need teachers. Why can’t we have music? Why can’t we have art?” -- CBS Chicago
Michelle Obama
“Many districts in this country have actually pulled back on efforts to integrate their schools, and many communities have become less diverse, leading to schools that are less diverse." -- New York Times
Paul Tough
“Whether a student graduates or not seems to depend today almost entirely on just one factor — how much money his or her parents make.”  -- NYT: Class, Cost and College


  1. Donna Brazille said that? Oh, wait. Am I too cynical to think this will have any effect on Duncan & Rahm's privatization schemes? Is this just election year rhetoric that the Dems soon forget about the day after Nov 2?

  2. Yes, too cynical. I won't forget. Will you?


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