Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As if Rahm didn't know...

MAYOR PLAYS DUMB ON POT ARRESTS... He asks top cop McCarthy to explain why misdemeanor marijuana possession means one thing on the North Side — and a very different thing on the South and West Sides. On North Side, cops write tickets for bogarting. On South and West sides its prison.

ANSWER: The same reason Rahm's school closings and selective-enrollment school  openings mean one thing on the North Side and another on the South and West sides.

In a recent Sun-Times poll, only 8% of African-American voters surveyed said they would vote for Emanuel. Gee, I wonder why?

A SMALLTALK SALUTE goes out to Stuart Magruder. He's the architect, and  member of LAUSD'S Bond Oversight Committee who was ousted by Supt. Deasy and the board for questioning the district's idiotic spending of $1 billion for IPads. The money came right out of the district's 25-year construction bond fund, approved by the voters who thought they were paying for the construction and repair of public schools.

Diane Ravitch writes:
The useful life of the iPad was probably 3-4 years. How could the money come from the construction bond, and would there be money to build and repair schools if it was used for short-term technology purchases.? Would voters support future bonds if their purpose was so easily ignored? 

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  1. Follow the money. Deasy is the man from Gates (Microsoft)


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