Monday, January 31, 2011


Del Valle on "tough guy" Rahm
"This whole thing about being tough—it's about personalities and demeanor, it has nothing to do with running a city," del Valle says. "What, he's tough because he swears? I don't swear to people, so I'm not tough? I'm from Humboldt Park. He's from where—Wilmette, Winnetka? I went to Tuley High, he went to what—New Trier? And Rahm's tougher than me?"--Ben Joravsky, The Reader
Joel Klein cuts $4 million deal with News Corp. 
"Now his mission is to make money out of education for News Corp. and it’s Cathie Black’s turn to educate"--SEC Watch
Klein's view of teachers
"It's easier to prosecute a capital punishment case in the US than terminate an incompetent teacher." -- BBC News.
D.C. Interim Chancellor Kaya Henderson
“People think that when you are an educator you clearly aspire to a superintendency or to be secretary of education. That’s not true for me."  -- The Answer Sheet
Black mom jailed for sending child to a white school
"I think they wanted to make an example of me." -- Kelley Williams-Bolar
On Obama's call for return of R.O.T.C. to campus
“I would be the most surprised person in the world if the military came back to Harvard or Yale."-- Diane Mazur, former Air Force officer and author of  A More Perfect Military

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Jerry Mead-Lucero. I am the host / producer of Labor Express Radio, a labor news and current affairs radio program in Chicago. I read your article in the Huffington Post about Rahm Emmanuel. I would like to interview you about the prospects for teachers and other workers in Chicago if Rahm is elected for the radio program. Do you have anytime next week to meet for any interview? I pretty flexible on the time and I will meet you wherever you like.
    Give me a call... (312) 502-7867

    In Solidarity,
    Jerry Mead-Lucero


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