Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merrow hates teacher bashing

Or does he?

John Merrow posts on Huffington (Blame the Teacher! ): "Teacher bashing is all the rage these days, unfortunately." Merrow also singles out Waiting for Superman as Exhibit A in the war on teachers.

But wasn't it Merrow who applauded the L.A. Times for publishing the names of teachers next to their students' test scores in that so-called value-added fiasco? Yes it was. And wasn't Merrow one of the most prominent voices cheering on Michelle Rhee in her failed assault on D.C.'s teachers and Paul Vallas, when he fired every teacher in New Orleans. Yes it was.

Time for some soul-searching, John.


  1. Yeah, I don't get it.

    He did a terrible job on that "Leadership" series for PBS (featuring Rhee & Vallas).

    And the HuffPo piece was rather rambling & incomprehensible, as well (or maybe I need more coffee?)

  2. Did he think we'd forget?

  3. He says he supports teachers, just not the organization that represents them--the union. So he likes teachers so long as they're not organized and have no power to bargain collectively.


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