Friday, January 14, 2011

Racism & resegregation take hold in Wake County, N.C.

Gen Tata & Palin
"I'm talking about diversity sir," ABC11 I-Team reporter Jon Camp said."I'm talking about achievement," Tata replied. -- ABC News

According to the Washington Post, the Wake County School Board is turning back the clock on desegregation. Wake County's new T-Party superintendent, Gen. Tony Tata (Sarah Palin's buddy) looks to continue the school board's emphasis on "neighborhood schools." Tata told WRAL that he believes progress and diversity are two separate issues, and his focus is on the former. According to WaPo, school board member John Tedesco backs Tata's position, calling the district's deseg policies "outdated."
"This is Raleigh in 2010, not Selma, Alabama, in the 1960s -- my life is integrated. We need new paradigms."
Civil rights activists are picking up where they left off 40 years ago and are facing arrests and brutality by engaging in protests at the school board offices.


  1. I am all for integrated schools, first hand experience was great, however how do you force people with money to attend a school they don’t want to attend? They move or go private and no you have higher poverty schools/district.

  2. Segregation has been the secondary thrust of the charter-voucher "movement." The primary of course has always been profit. Notice that as the class chasm increases, the more resegregation we see.


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