Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wear Red For Ed
We are a grassroots group of teachers and parents who use the Facebook Senate Bill 6 site to advocate public education We are looking for a way to raise awareness to the issues. Thus, the Wear Red for Ed day. We are urging people to get involved and informed. Here are some of our objections/positions:

Florida teachers and parents have joined again, as they did last Spring, to let our new Florida Governor know that we do have ideas and suggestions.

We recognize that 2011 offers an opportunity to improve our public schools. We do not, however, believe that the Florida Governor Rick Scott's voucher proposal is the positive, proactive move that is best for the education of our all of our children. A good hard look at the proposal reveals serious problems.

At the core, vouchers open the door for others to profit at the expense of taxpayers and, most importantly, at the expense of our children. The proposed voucher will not be enough for all students to afford high priced private schools.

Those who can not afford the difference in tuition will be left with few options. Some will turn to fly by night corporate charter schools that have less than a positive track record of success. Others will turn to online virtual schools, resulting in mass numbers of youth at home or on our streets - instead of in school. And the rest will be left to heavily tested, depleted, and de-funded public schools.

Schools will become market driven and education will be controlled more by profit than principle.

Essentially, there will be a quick and concise separation between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' in Florida. And, as we learned before in history, separate is not equal ... never has been, never will be.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled against vouchers in 2006, saying that Florida could not finance an alternative to public education. Our leaders and new Governor would do well to heed the advice our our ruling Court.

It is essential that we improve our public education... we do not need, nor have the Constitutional right, to replace our public education.

Floridians are calling for reform... not replacement. Keep Public Schools Public - STOP and listen to the stakeholders.... we are ready to offer better options.

Wear Red for Public Ed, Tuesday, Jan 4th

Thanks, Mike.
Bonnie Cunard, Parent &  teacher, SW Florida public school

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