Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Pro-charter 'fat cats' topped N.Y. campaign donors in 2010

Today's N.Y. Post reports that wealthy boosters of charter schools, led by billionaire hedge-funder Bruce Kovner, were among the top donors to candidates for state office in 2010. The financier gave $130,000 to Republican candidates in their successful effort to recapture the state Senate. Kovner sits on the board of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. But Mayor Bloomberg (richer than Kovner) contributed even more to the Limbaugh Party takeover and to anti-teacher union and charter school causes with nearly a million bucks of his personal money going to senate Republicans.

The man from J.P. Morgan

If there was any doubt about how fast the Obama administration is running to the right, one need only look at the likely appointment of Chicago Democratic kingpin Billy Daley to replace Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff.

Choosing the brother of Chicago's mayor and  J.P. Morgan's mid-west honcho, Daley, would make perfect Wall Street sense. The deal would also likely buy the outright support of the Daley family for the hated Emanuel in his apparent cakewalk into the mayor's office. But it sure doesn't bode well for progressive Democrats or those within the White House who are trying to defend health care reform and other pieces of progressive policy against the onslaught of the Limbaugh Party and blue-dog Democrats. Writes Ben Smith at Politico.com:
A Daley appointment would be an early signal of Obama's confidence that the party's left will ultimately have no choice but to show up and vote for him in 2012.

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