Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teacher as Taliban

It's definitely a war out there--a war on public schools teachers. Not exactly the Finland model, is it?  Here's the latest:

A judge in L.A. has essentially ruled that the contract between the teachers and the board is null and void. Hundreds of teachers can now be laid off arbitrarily, with no regard to seniority. The decision comes amid massive state cuts in public education and is part of an all-out nationwide assault on public service employees unions, collective-bargaining rights, and teacher tenure in particular. L.A. faces a nearly $400-million shortfall that could force thousands more teachers out of the classroom this year.
Lawyers representing district students hailed the judge's ruling as a "landmark victory" that put the interests of children ahead of their instructors. (L.A. Times)
Maybe those lawyers and our esteemed education experts,  over, at the L.A. Times, could explain to us how removing thousands of teachers from the classroom or pitting the "interests of students" against the "interests of teachers",  is good for students. I have my doubts.

The war on teachers opened up another front down in Florida led by Gen. Jeb Bush. He's figured out the final solution to the teacher problem--the teacher-less classroom.
“All there were were computers in the class,” said Naomi, who walked into a room of confused students. “We found out that over the summer they signed us up for these courses.” Naomi is one of over 7,000 students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools enrolled in a program in which core subjects are taken using computers in a classroom with no teacher. A “facilitator” is in the room to make sure students progress. That person also deals with any technical problems. (NY Times)
Now if they can just find a way to get rid of all those poor kids--problem solved. 

I'm wondering, where is this so-called "collaboration" Randi Weingarten keeps talking about?

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