Monday, November 30, 2015


Kim Foxx, running against Alvarez
Carol Marin
“The federal investigation of the shooting is active and ongoing,” the U.S. Attorney’s office assured us this week. 
Just remember. The feds never hurry. And Chicago is bleeding. -- Sun-Times
Kim Foxx
“She [State's Attorney Anita Alvarezwaited until her hand was forced by intense political and media pressure surrounding the release of this painful video. She waited even after City Hall was prepared to pay the McDonald family $5 million in damages.” -- Chicago Defender
Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, former member of "Anita's Army"
It was in this culture that Anita Alvarez and many other prosecutors (including Mayor Richard M. Daley) rose through the ranks of the Office of the State's Attorney, participating in its racialized rules of abuse and being institutionally rewarded with promotions and then, election wins. -- NBC News
House Select Committee on Indian Affairs
 “The goal of Indian education,” according to the committee, “should be to make the Indian child a better American rather than to equip him to be a better Indian.” -- Politico: How Washington created some of the worst schools in America
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka
Well, I always say, you know, most people who talk about schools have never been in one besides the fact that they graduated from an elementary school or high school. The reality is, schools get better when a community supports them. -- Democracy Now
Colleen Connolly
On Wednesday morning, the hashtag #ResignRahm was trending on Twitter in Chicago. -- Ward Room

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  1. A weekend quotable you missed --

    Crowds counted each bullet that struck McDonald. But as they began to pray and speak, several young men with bullhorns approached from all sides, overpowering their sound with chants of “Indict Rahm.”
    “This is about indicting Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” one called. The ministers countered, “Let us pray, let us pray.”


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