Monday, November 23, 2015


Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, will speak at today's pre-strike rally in Grant Park amid stalled contract talks with the school district. (Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune)

CEO Forrest Claypool to the City Club of Chicago 
"We are at a breaking point." -- Tribune
MTA Pres. Barbara Madeloni 
“It [Common Core testing] is destructive to our students and our teachers and the very possibility of joyful and meaningful public education...We’ve really flipped the narrative in a year.” -- NY Times
Thomas Gattuso, principal of Sullivan House
We are looking for justice. If Laquan had shot the policeman 16 times, he wouldn’t have been at a desk job 13 months later.” -- Sun-Times
Rev. Jesse Jackson
" My greatest fear is not the protest, but if there is no protest.” -- NY Times
Donald Trump
"Maybe the guy should have been roughed up a little." -- Raw Story
Letter to Mark Zuckerberg from former classmate, teacher Emily Talmage
Let me assure you that “personalized learning,” as it is being pushed by the Gates Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Digital Learning Now Council, as well as countless educational technology companies, start-ups, and venture capitalists who have invested millions into personalized learning experiments (they call them “innovations”), is a far, far cry from the type of education we got at Exeter. -- Washington Post

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