Friday, November 13, 2015

One thing nearly all Chicagoans agree on. An end to mayoral control of the schools.

After Wednesday's forum on an elected school board for Chicago, DNAinfo conducted a survey. The results were pretty much in line with how citywide voting went in recent elections.
For those who missed it, here's the piece I did last week for Crain's on the topic. I've been hammering away on this for the past decade. Here's a piece I did at Huffington Post exactly five years ago. Back then, even before the board's devastating mass school closings and before the UNO and Byrd-Bennett/SUPES scandals, I pointed out:
After a decade and a half of Daley's top-down reform efforts, seven of those years with Duncan as the CEO, neighborhood schools remain pretty much as they were. Scores have flattened out. The so-called "achievement gap" continues to widen. Violence has reached pandemic proportions and the school system is on the brink of insolvency. Daley's pet reform project, Renaissance 2010, has been discarded and the phrase banned from usage within the bureaucracy.
Daley's appointed school board has been riddled with scandals, including probes of patronage and civil rights violations. Daley's former board president Michael Scott committed suicide when faced with an investigation of his misuse of school board funds.
Now spring forward to 2016, systemic corruption and instability have only grown worse under Rahm Emanuel's one-man rule. CPS is in steady financial free-fall and measurable learning outcomes have fallen even further.

Chicago's next Elected School Board Forum will take place  November 19th at 6:30 p.m. at the Armitage Baptist Church, 2451 N Kedzie Blvd. Rep. Will Guzzardi presiding.

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