Monday, November 16, 2015


Ithaca College students in 'solidarity walkout'
Ithaca College Student Body President Dominick Recckio
"This movement has taken over the complete educational landscape of the entire institution. It has framed everyone at Ithaca College’s educational experience and will continue to do so." -- Democracy Now
Outgoing I.G. Faisal Khan
"We are the third biggest metropolis in the country. I would describe to you that the oversight in Chicago is comparable to the Wild West -- anything goes....
"...I could not believe how backwards the city was when it came to ethics. It needs to be blown up and started all over again ... I want Chicagoans to get their outrage back and say: 'enough is enough.'" 
Rahm & Ald. Joe Moore
Moore Khan...
Ald. Joe Moore called a female investigator from [Khan's] office a “bitch” and Khan himself a “bozo.” -- Politico
Sen. Ted Cruz
 “There is no meaningful risk of Christians committing acts of terror." -- Washington Post
Jesse Berney
Terrorist attacks in Western cities should make us more sympathetic to refugees fleeing Syria: The horror in Paris Friday evening is a daily reality of the civil war they're trying to escape. --Rolling Stone

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  1. I guess blowing up abortion clinics and setting fire to black churches don't constitute meaningful acts of terror. Not to mention cheering on the U.S. military and the daily acts of terror we commit in Muslim countries.


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