Monday, October 13, 2014


Kate Manne
When, three days after the shooting, another white officer called the (primarily black) protesters “[expletive] animals,” it cemented many people’s fears that Brown had been slain in a similar spirit — the thought being that the officer responsible, Darren Wilson, saw Brown as an animal, or at least as less than human. -- In Ferguson and Beyond (NYT)
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts
But a path can be traced from slavery to the killing of Michael Brown. -- The Worth of Black Men (NYT Magazine)
Bob Herbert to Bill Moyers 
“People need to start voting against the excessive power of the great moneyed interests. But more than that, we need a movement, a grass-roots movement that will fight for the interests of ordinary men and women…” Restoring an America That Has Lost Its Way
Karen Lewis
Bob Fioretti
 "She is a fighter and I know that she will bounce back, stronger than ever... But right now, we should all respect Karen’s privacy and give her the space she needs to get better." -- WBEZ

Mark Rosenbaum of the L.A. pro bono law firm, Public Counsel
"These are kids who desperately want to go to college and have nothing to do. It's like you're asking for the moon if you ask for an art class, an academic decathlon class, a literacy class." -- Deasy's inaction on Jefferson High fiasco is shocking (L.A. Times)


  1. Sorry but I wish you wouldn't quote people who are anti-teacher, anti-union especially regarding Los Angeles. You don't seem to have any contacts here or if you do, they are highly biased against teachers. It may sound anti-Deasy to you, but it's really an attack on us because that is what he has consistently done vis a vis LAUSD.

  2. Sorry Turtle. But I often quote anti-teacher, anti-union folks on my blog, especially if they are saying interesting things, I think are worth hearing. I even quoted Arne Duncan and Mitch Daniels in today's post.

    And besides, I'm still pissed at you for referring to me only as Fred Klonsky's brother in your June blog post. C'mon Turtle. I'm a worthwhile person in my own right with a heart and feelings, like anyone else.

  3. Ok - I apologize. Was teasing you for not knowing my name. And not knowing that I planned that DeBenneville camp that you attended. And not knowing I wrote for The Call. And lots of stuff. So do you want to know my name? I promise when I quote you I'll call you Mike Klonsky. I was a fan way back in the day.


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