Friday, October 10, 2014

And here I thought Cuomo and Duncan were already Success Academy lobbyists



a person who profiteers.
"a war profiteer"
synonyms: racketeer, exploiter, black marketeer

Joy Resmovitz at Huffington reports that charter profiteer Eva Moskowitz has hired a team of lobbyists in D.C. to pump up her Success Academy chain. Moskowitz currently pulls down a seven-figure salary for managing the chain.
Now, reports show that Success is being represented on Capitol Hill. According to lobbying disclosures posted this summer but not previously reported, the schools hired two affiliated Washington-based firms, EdNexus Advisors and Thompson Coburn, LLP.
The EdNexus lobbyist listed, Christina Culver, was an adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign. 
What's that you say? Charters are truly public schools? You couldn't prove it by me

Moskowitz with former NYC Chancellor Joel Klein
And here I thought Moskowitz already had lobbyists in D.C. and Albany -- Arne Duncan and Gov. Cuomo.  And her lobbying effort seems to be working. Gov. Cuomo, has been the recipient of nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from backers of Moskowitz’s charters. Duncan just gave her another federal grant of $750,000 and part of an overall $39.7 million grant to privately-run charters nationally. 

Since 2006, Moskowitz has been running a small charter empire that has at least $50 million in government per-pupil funding, at least $30.9 million in total, end-of-year assets, and the support of hedge fund millionaires.

This week, the state approved 17 new charter schools for New York City,  substantially increasing the size of the city’s largest and most polarizing charter network and setting up a battle over where the schools will be located. The state’s charter schools committee, part of the State University of New York’s board of trustees, approved 14 new Success Academy schools, which will bring the network to a total of 50 schools serving 16,300 students by 2016.

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