Monday, October 8, 2012


“I honestly think everybody won. No one wanted the strike, teachers didn’t want that, the administration didn’t want that,” said Duncan. But wait.  Rahm said ithis was a "strike of choice." Who's writing the script?

Arne Duncan
"Everybody won in Chicago teachers strike." -- Daily Caller
Paul Ryan
"Let's make this country a tax shelter..." Mother Jones
The Notebook
The term “portfolio management” is borrowed from Wall Street, where the idea is to buy winning stocks and sell losers. -- "A new blend of public and private." 
Rupert Murdoch's N.Y. Post 
Michael Bloomberg wants history to judge his mayoralty based, in large part, on what he did for the city’s schools. But his system for grading those schools is eroding confidence in his leadership. -- Mike's Murky Marks

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