Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rahm tries turning principals into test whores

He gives 82 principals bonuses for raising test scores, closing the achievement gap -- as if. Some get as much as $20,000. Some in turn, pay tribute to Rahm's longer school day. A few admit the gains weren't theirs alone but belong to the teachers and the whole school community. But they keep the money for themselves anyway.
The announcement blindsided Chicago Principals Association president Clarice Berry, who was not given advance notice of the plan and won outright rejection from Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis. Both pointed to research and past Chicago experience indicating merit pay in education has not proven effective.


  1. "Test Whores?!" Oh my, Mike, you are too much! That's why I have to check in and see what you and that brother of yours are up to every day...I never know when I will find a colorful new word to add to my vocabulary. Thank you!

  2. Reb,
    You made me reconsider my choice of words here. Upon further reflection, I think my use of "test whore" was inappropriate. After all, there are no bedside tables in a principal's office. Maybe you could help me think of another, more suitable descriptor for someone who takes money in exchange for test scores. Any and all suggestions from the readership would be appreciated.


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