Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Turning right off the interstate: How Obama and I settled the teachers strike

Driving through southern Ohio to speak to students at Kenyon College and Bowling Green University I hear the steady stream of right-wing radio and see the dozens of anti-Obama billboards paid for by Clint Eastwood and his wing-nut superpac. In the towns, there's more of a mix of Obama and Romney signs and of course, the university towns are mostly Obama. Those in the know think that Obama will narrowly win Ohio. I'm not so sure.

The main media spokesman for the Republican Party and for national conservatives is of course, Rush Limbaugh. Here's what his 20-30 million listeners, mostly small town and rural, heard from Limbaugh about the Chicago teachers strike:

It was all a set-up, says Limbaugh, so that Pres. Obama could step into the fray and settle it by getting union head, Mike Klonsky [hey, that's me], a former member of the Communist Party U.S.A, to get his members to accept accept a compromise on their wage demands.

From:  "Why Did I Say the Chicago Teachers Strike is Tailor-Made for Obama?"
Yet the Wizards of Smart say, "No way! Impossible. Couldn't happen. Obama's got too much to lose." The only way Obama has too much to lose is if he inserts himself and there is no solution. I'm sure that's what they mean, but Obama wouldn't insert himself unless there were a pre-ordained, pre-established solution. Like somebody gets on the phone to the teachers union. 
The head teachers union guy in Chicago was a member of the Communist Party USA. He's a huge Obama supporter. So somebody from the White House calls him and says, "Here's what's going to happen," and they lay out the deal. The communist teacher guy says either yes or no. If the guy says, "Screw that! I'm not taking it," then Obama doesn't get involved. But if he takes the deal, then it works. It would be made to look like Obama couldn't take it anymore.
Now first let me say, with apologies to Groucho Marx,  that I would never belong to a union that would have someone like me as its leader. As for the Communist Party U.S.A.? Never been there. Other radical left groups back in the day, but never that one.

And finally, neither the prez nor his people have ever called me. But if he or they did, I would have asked him to put on his "walking shoes" and come down here and man the picket lines like he promised back in 2007. While, I'll probably vote for him again next month, calling me "a huge supporter" is really far fetched. As my readers all know, I've been highly critical of Obama, especially around his education policies and the continuation of his "smart war" in Afghanistan.

As for bloated, drug-addicted, demagogic windbag Limbaugh, you would think he would at least get one fact right, if only to preserve some semblance of credibility. He didn't -- not even one.


  1. Hey Mike,
    You must be doing something right if Limbaugh is talkin' trash about you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mr. Klonsky-
    Love the way you sling insults and epithets all the while deriding Limbaugh for doing the same. At least, he's funny while doing it! (Liberals can never appreciate satire when it's about them.) I'm a retired veteran teacher, a "rural" person, a Conservative--not easy to be in the union-hysterical teaching field--, an oft-time listener of Rush, and a sometimes reader of far-left blogs. Thanks for a fairly-entertaining rant from the other side!

  3. Thanks for your comment, veteran teacher ditto head (didn't catch your name). So glad that you are following my blog. But a correction needed here. I have never derided Limbaugh for slinging insults and epithets. My poke at the old drug-addicted, brain-addled, whore-mongering syphilitic is that he just makes his shit up. If you swallow it, that's your problem.

  4. Dr. Klonsky,
    You've got poor Rush all wrong. He's actually a jobs creator by shopping distributors for his drug habit. The same hold true for his trip to the Dominican Republic armed only with Viagra. Trips like this aid jobs creation.

    And all charges were dropped after his arrest in 2009. Isn't a man still innocent until proven guilty in this country?

  5. Mike,
    It's easy to see how Rush could mix you and Karen up.

  6. Here's the guy the ditto heads are really worried about -- Martin Klonsky. Check it out. http://www.srpressgazette.com/opinion/amazed-by-racist-claim-1.25977

    Are you two related? Ha!


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