Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello all.

Please consider coming and bringing students to this event: I've been assisting the 19th Ward Parents in hosting a forum on standardized testing and how to opt-out, to be held at Saint Xavier University, 7-8:30 pm, Friday, November 2.

Monty Neill will keynote, and his talk will be followed by a panel including Julie Woestehoff from PURE, Jackson Potter and more. The focus will be on parents' and children's legal rights vis-a-vis school testing.

Thanks to CreATers who authored the research brief on standardized testing for your help. We're also in need of more information about the REACH test being used in CPS (apparently it is being administered only in English; all students--including kindergartners--have to take it on a computer and use a mouse, etc). If anyone is doing any work on this, please let me know.


Kathleen McInerney, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Graduate Reading Program and ESL/Bilingual Education Program
School of Education
Driehaus Center 3925
Saint Xavier University
3700 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655

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