Monday, April 26, 2010


Maybe they mean this Dewey...

Newbie instructors too often emerge from ed school stuffed with the ideas of everyone from Thomas Dewey to Brazillian Marxist theorist  Paulo Freire (author of "Pedagogy of the Oppressed") - but clueless about how to help kids learn. (N.Y. Daily News editorial bashing schools of education)
Mass. testing madness
MCAS has a decidedly negative effect on the humanities and the arts. With the excessive preoccupation on testing in English and math (and now science), there is no room or energy for becoming human. (Anthony J. Palmer, visiting scholar at the School of Music at Boston University)
When they start talking "innovation," DUCK!
"Even if the reform bill does bring stringent regulation to derivatives — a big if — that won’t rectify capitalism’s worst “innovation” in our own Gilded Age: the advent of exotic, speculative “investments” that have no redeeming social value and are instead concocted to facilitate gambling for its own sake." (Frank Rich)

D.C. Superior Court judge questions legality of Rhee teacher firings
"The issue is now whether it was reasonable for the chancellor to believe last fall that there was a budget shortfall to justify" the layoffs. (WaPo)

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