Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glimmers of hope

Hundreds of Chicago  Public School students walked out of the their schools and made their way to protest in front of CPS headquarters.

Last week at a Diane Ravitch book event in Chicago, someone in the audience asked if there was a "glimmer of hope in the midst of the current educational tsunami striking public education?" I would have answered yes. Arne Duncan's "reforms" combined with the worst economic crisis in my lifetime, threaten the very existence of public education and public space in general. But the tsunami also seems to have awakened a resistance movement and open demonstrations of anger on the part of teachers and students not seen in 40 years.

Some glimmers:
The glimmer list grows and  may even make re-authorization of a new version of No Child Left Behind that much more difficult. Good news. Feel free to add your own glimmers here.

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  1. Glimmer: out of the 26 schools opened to charter take over in LAUSD only a handful were awarded to private corporations.


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