Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ravitch in Chicago

There was a good turnout for Diane Ravitch's whirlwind book tour in Chicago. Friday, she spoke at DePaul (top) and UIC. On Saturday, she spoke to Catalyst members. Her talks were hosted co-hosted by the Small Schools Workshop.

On Saturday afternoon she spoke at the Nat'l. School Board Association (NSBA) and drew an overflow crowd.


  1. Over 100 school board members from across the nation tried to buy books and there were none.
    Sold out. I signed cards that they could place in their book if they can find one NSBA bookshop ran out before I started speaking. 800 in the audience and security would not admit any more as there were no more seats I got A standing ovation.


  2. Since my local bookstore (Bookshop West Portal, San Francisco) was unable to get any copies for several weeks (and I wasn't the only customer asking), I keep wondering if there's some reason Diane's publisher is TRYING not to make money...


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