Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Quotables

D.C. Rhee's disappearing $34 million surplus
Weingarten, leader of the 1 million-member national union, said "three-card monte may be an acceptable game in some places, but it shouldn't be an acceptable principle to guide DCPS."The Chancellor talks a lot about performance. What we're seeing here is a lack of performance." (WaPo)
Pay-for-grades study
“Providing incentives for achievement-test scores has no effect on any form of achievement we can measure.” (Harvard University economist Roland G. Fryer)
Harvard Ed School or Yogi Berra? 
 “When you are paid to do something you may not know exactly how to accomplish, it’s not clear how you respond. But if you are being offered money to do something very concrete...then that might be easier to respond to.” (Graduate School of Education professor Martin R. West)

God vs. health care reform
The volcano was God's response to Obamacare (Republican's main spokesman Rush Limbaugh)

Pat Robertson to Limbaugh: "Who put YOU in charge in charge of interpreting God's reactions to volcanoes?" (Roger Ebert Tweet)

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