Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'You wanna throw mud, McCain...?'

Defending the family's honor

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at this fight among thieves. Imagine, McCain's people launching on Chicago and the Daley family? Are they crazy? And just a day after the Cubbies clinched the Division championship. Especially on brother Bill, who's not even fair game "cause he's in da private sector." You go, Mr. Mayor.

He lets 'em have it with both barrels:

"You had the Keating Five. We had the biggest scandal in America called savings and loan. The biggest scandal. People lost their homes because of greed. And no one is inferring [wrongdoing by] Sen. McCain and the others, who were always known as the Keating Five. So, if people start throwing dirt and mud, remember it comes back and hits you right in the face. [...] It would be a great ad. Remember: People lost their life savings, their own homes for a guy named Keating out of Arizona."

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