Monday, September 22, 2008

Greenwich Village High

They've always had small schools

Here’s how the rich folks in the Village get a new small school for their kids. From NYT:

Mr. Liebmann said he was drawn to the new school’s motto, “Work hard, be kind, take risks,” and was mapping out an interdisciplinary academic program that would emphasize hands-on learning and community involvement. For instance, he said, the class schedule will allow time for field work every week so that, say, students can hone their Chinese-language skills in Chinatown and study physics in motion on a subway car.

Meanwhile, back in the real world--Meeks going to Cub playoffs

It bizarre, but Daley and Duncan still refuse to join Rev. Meeks and his campaign for adequate and equitable funding for Chicago schools. Now the initiative has clearly fallen into Meeks’ hands with growing mass community support. The Rev. is going to look for more support among playoff-bound Cub fans at Wrigley Field. Some are opposing the protest by calling Cub fans idiotic drunken revelers. That may be true (it's been 100 years), but we aren't just fans, we're parents and voters as well.

The gap--36 billion

My old colleague at Catalyst, Lorraine Forte posts this, ("Don't Believe School Funding is Problem? Read This") on Huffington:

The data is shocking: If the students who enrolled in kindergarten in Chicago Public Schools in 1994 had, instead, enrolled in top-spending Lake Forest-Libertyville schools, they would have reaped the benefit of an extra $36 billion-worth of education by the time they graduated.

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