Friday, September 5, 2008

Toppo drinks Williams' Kool-Aid

USA Today’s Greg Toppo has his head up his ass.

A funny thing happened to the Democratic Party on the way to an education platform: The party has visibly split with teachers unions, its longtime allies, on key issues.

It’s true that teachers and their unions are somewhat divided over the issue of merit pay. But to call this a “split” between the NEA and the Party is silly.

Toppo’s been sucking down Joe Williams’ kool-aid. Williams is paid to push the split story in the media and Toppo is one of the few dumb enough to run with it. Remember, Williams was the one who got the Sun’s Elizabeth Green to go with the phony story about Obama supporting school vouchers. Turned out to be wishful thinking at best.

Toppo mistakes DFER’s meeting of 500 union-bashers, which was frozen out of the DNC, for a union/Dem split.

USA Today’s headline should have read: “Phony Democrats booted from DNC while Weingarten takes the podium.”

Gulp, gulp Toppo.

When you’re right, you’re right, Russo

And he's is right on for taking a poke at Fordham’s horse flies for supporting, “do-nothing scolds like Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on the Chicago-New Trier school funding protest.”

Truants—the new criminal class

In San Antonio they are making kids wear GPS ankle bracelets if they miss school. But in Prince George’s County, where 6,000 students regularly miss school, they just lock ‘em up.

"If we have to jail them, I want them jailed,” says Board Member Rosalind Johnson.

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  1. What's amazing is that Rosalind Johnson is black, a "liberal" Democrat and a big Obama supporter.


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