Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can they still call it the Wall Street Journal?

The Journal may have to change its name now that the street they represent has been so discredited. But that doesn’t stop them from running more Ayers/Obama/Annenberg swift-boating slime in this morning’s edition. They’ve dragged out wing-nut think-tanker Stanley Kurtz again to do the sliming.

Russo picks it up, but the best he can offer us is that “nothing radical came of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.”

Too bad. Chicago's school system could have used some radical change.

JD2718 makes a good point.

There was a tendency all spring to overplay the differences between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Now, why are some trying to underplay the differences between Obama and McCain?Linda Darling-Hammond’s piece (on edwize) is a good place to start.

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

For more than a year, she has worn it around her neck at Seagoville High School, but this week Dallas school officials told the 16-year-old to remove it or conceal it under her shirt because a rosary is considered a gang symbol.

That’s right-- the Rosary. Not the AIG logo.

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