Monday, May 23, 2011

Remembering the Creepinator's idiotic "girly men" remarks

Looking back and remembering Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2004 speech to the GOP Convention. He ridiculed those who lacked optimism about the state of the economy, calling them "economic girly men" which brought the conventioneers to their feet with giddy applause. He had previously used this line to attack Democrats for being soft on unions.

As it turned out, of course, it was Arnold and the Republicans who were leading the country into the economic abyss, and the so-called "girly men" who were right. The Republicans' call for economic optimism as the country stood on the brink of total global economic collapse borders on criminality. Seven years later, this creep has led his state into economic basket-case status. He's been run out of the governor's mansion, has destroyed the state's university system, has used his position of power to sexually abuse and molest his immigrant housekeeper, resulting in her giving birth to the creep's so-called "love child" and he's wrecked his marriage and family in the process.

Yes, Arnold. You're a real manly man.

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  1. As has been widely observed, he did to his powerless housekeeper the same thing that he did to the state of California.


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