Friday, May 27, 2011

In my mailbox

From Javier Lacayo

Hi Mike,
I wanted to send some information your way on our ‘Parent Day of Action’ which kicked off at 7am this morning. By 9am, our volunteers and organizers had already collected over 1,000 petition signatures of New Yorkers opposing Bloomberg's plan to fire 4,100 teachers. Throughout the day, more than 100 volunteers have been talking to parents at schools and subway stops across the City (press release here:
In addition to gathering petitions, we have also been collecting audio and video testimonials from public school parents.  You can find them all, uploaded in real time, at
We want to make all of this information and these resources available to local bloggers like you. So we have decided to launch, what we call, the Public Advocate’s Blog Toolkit.
Here’s a link to the toolkit: We've pulled together videos, documents, widgets, and a bunch of other media that we think may be helpful in creating informed discussion on local blogs. The site will provide already embedded examples of the resources, along with the specific codes to post on your own site. For example, if you like one of our banners or videos, you can see how they would look on the site, and then just copy and paste the code we provide to embed it on your own site.
Also, we’ve added you to the site’s blog roll - if there are other blogs that you think we should be in touch with, please let us know. We hope you find all of this useful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach me or Jeff Merritt  (cc'ed here)  Jeff can also be reached on his cell at             917-664-1590      .
Office of the Public Advocate
1 Centre Street, 15 fl. | New York, N.Y. 10007
(212) 669-2115 |
Follow us on twitter @billdeblasio

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