Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hentoff -- 'Bloomberg's Schools: Is this America?'

Nat Hentoff, writing in The Village Voice, has nothing but praise for the inside-of-school reportage coming from Meredith Kolodner at the Daily News. And rightfully so.
From her “Sacrificed for Charters” (March 31, 2010), did you know: “Special Education students are falling victim to the fierce battle to find space for charter schools inside city school buildings. . . . At eight of the 15 buildings making room next year (2011), at least a quarter of the students are special education or seriously disabled. . . . For these vulnerable kids, the space crunch may mean less one-on-one instruction, therapy sessions in the back of the classroom, and cramped conditions for wheelchair-bound students, nearly two dozen parents said in interviews. What say you, Chancellor Walcott? -- "Bloomberg's Schools: Is This America?"
You can follow Kolodner here.

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