Monday, May 30, 2011

Christie, GOP want to eliminate Supreme Court's power to rule on school funding

Gov. Christie toasts Arne Duncan.
New Jersey has become the model for national corporate reform assaults on teachers and public education in general. It's the state where the T-Party types like Gov. Christie, Obama Democrats, including Arne Duncan, and Billionaire Boys Club members like Mark Zuckerberg, have joined hands to support the right-wing agenda.

Now look where Christie's "reform" agenda is heading. Christie and state Republicans are hatching a plot to take away the power of the Supreme Court over matters of school funding. 
A Republican strategy memo laid out Friday in an e-mail from Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. to his caucus asked fellow GOP senators for feedback on a three-pronged education plan after Tuesday's Supreme Court order requiring the state to invest $500 million more in 31 poor school districts. 

The plan includes supporting a constitutional amendment that would end judicial involvement in school-funding decisions and give the state wiggle room to reduce funding in lean budget years. The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Steven Oroho (R., Sussex) and cosponsored by the other 15 members of the GOP caucus, was introduced in January but hasn't gained traction. It would require voter approval.-- AP Wire
Yes, they want to elliminate the Supreme Court in school funding matters. A segregationist's dream. The only question now is, will state and national Dems (Duncan) reach across the aisle on this one? Probably not, but nothing surprises me these days


  1. Is this the face of American fascism? A bipartisan affair?

  2. No sooner dod New Jersey GOPers call for the overthrow of the state supreme court than Arne Duncan re-qualified them for Race To The Top money.


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