Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday morning TYs

Now that I've turned another year older, I'm trying to act my age, a little more mature if you will. So I've dropped my Friday morning FUs in exchange for Friday morning TYs (thanks) in order to get back on a positive footing and class-up the blog a bit. You see, some of my readers, including the sisters over at Our Lady Of Mercy (who follow me on Twitter) were complaining that they felt limited when it came to forwarding my profanity-riddled SmallTalk posts. I hope my FU fans will forgive me.

This morning's TY goes out to Judge Maryann Sumi of Dane County Circuit Court in Wisconsin for her ruling granting a permanent injunction that voided Gov. Walker's law banning collective bargaining rights for many state and local employees.

Another TY goes out to my favorite faux-research and think-tank debunkers, NEPC, for including my post on the new Social-Darwinism in their list of best ed blogs.

Finally, TY to IL congressional candidate Ilya Sheyman for creating a petition to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate and Governor Pat Quinn, which says:

"We stand with workers across Illinois in calling on our legislators in Springfield to honor their commitments to public employees and vote "No" on SB 512."
You can sign the petition here.

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  1. Shaken by Gil Scott Heron's death. He was only 62.


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