Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Victory in Bridgeport. Pro-Vallas forces spanked.

Democrats an Connecticut Working Family Party members tally election returns last night at the Red Rooster Deli, in Bridgeport, Conn.   Photo: Ned Gerard
“As I’ve gone around the country, I always point to Bridgeport as one of the signs that the people can beat the power.” -- Diane Ravitch

In yesterday's school board elections, the majority of the nine-member school board tipped in favor of the Connecticut Working Families Party as WFP candidates and Democrats won a decisive victory over Republicans and corporate reformers. But at center of the election campaign was the issue of Supt. Paul Vallas, currently waiting a court decision on his eligibility to hold the post.

Yesterday's victory was a blow not only to Vallas, but to Democratic Mayor Bill Finch who staked his own reputation on Vallas. It looks certain now that Vallas is toast in Bridgeport. He's even dropping hints that he may run for mayor in Chicago.
To many, much more was at stake than control of one of the most troubled school districts in the state. Some had pegged Bridgeport as the epicenter of a nationwide struggle over the control of public schools, a fight against efforts to cede control to corporate interest groups that seek to privatize education. -- CT Post

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