Friday, November 1, 2013

They're packing 50 students into L.A. high school classes

Arne Duncan green-lighted it. Remember?

"Class size has been a sacred cow and I think we need to take it on," Duncan told his pals at the American Enterprise Institute over croissants back in 2009.

 Now fast forward. Here's what's become of the "sacred cow."
In Dennis Danziger’s English class at Venice High, they play musical chairs every day; if you come in late, you don’t get a desk and have to sit in a chair on the sidelines. Unfortunately, they’re not playing for fun. They’re playing because his class of 50 students is so overcrowded the students can barely fit into the room. Cynthia Castillo, at Augustus Hawkins High School in South Los Angeles, is luckier; she has enough desk space for the 44 students enrolled in her first-period English class. -- L.A. School Report

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