Monday, September 23, 2013


Emanuel cut short East Coast fundraising trip and flew back to Chicago after 13 people were shot at a South Side park.
Columnist John Kass
He was absolutely rolled by the Chicago Teachers Union in the strike, and his capitulation cost him credibility with business leaders. His closing of some four dozen schools cost him with African-American voters. Emanuel still found $17 million last week in extra funds for an elite Near North magnet school, while out in the Northwest Side bungalow belt, Ald. Nicholas Sposato, 36th, ran a "toilet paper" drive to help his neighborhood schools provide basic necessities to the children of taxpayers. 
And that $1 billion school deficit? -- Sun-Times
Melissa Harris-Perry 
 “Folks, if you want to do a re-enactment of slavery in your school, how about Nat Turner’s rebellion?” -- MSNBC
Diane Ravitch
"I Will Not Be Part of Education Nation." -- Blog
Barbara Ferguson, former New Orleans Supt.
“Whether the difficult-to-teach high school students are expelled by charter schools or whether they attended schools closed by the RSD, they are an outcast group, thrown into an abyss ..." -- Daily Beast

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