Monday, September 16, 2013


Lake Mary, FL resident Santiago Rodriguez
"Zimmerman is a Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen." -- Email to chief of police
UNO's departing Board Chair Martin Cabrera
Cabrera told the Sun-Times that he quit “because of a difference of philosophy and mission.” He declined to elaborate. -- Sun-Times
 John Wilson
 Secretary Duncan could learn from those who live in the real world of educating America's children. -- EdWeek/ California is Right; Duncan is Wrong
Broad (WSJ pic)
Eli Broad
"Artists see the world differently than us business people. If I spent all my time with bankers, lawyers and business people, it would be kind of boring." -- Wall St. Journal
 Chicago police torture victim, Darrell Cannon
“If a cattle prod can make a cow jump, imagine what it can do to a human being...I was ready to say my mother committed a crime.” -- Victims of Burge torture and other injustices ask for help

Anthony Cody
 Diane Ravitch has emerged as an iconic figure on America's political landscape. What Daniel Ellsberg was to the Vietnam War, Ravitch has become to the battle raging over public education.  -- Living in Dialogue

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