I am a Chicago Public School teacher and the following is a letter I would like to send to our mayor, Mr. Rahm Emanuel.
Dear Mayor Emanuel,

I would like to cordially invite you to John Marshall Metropolitan High School, one of Chicago's public schools, for the day. More specifically, I would like to invite you to my classroom, which is on the 3rd floor and like all the other classrooms in the school, has no air conditioning. I would like you to sit in my classroom and work for 7 hours and see if you could turn out your best work. I would also like you to compare the work you get done that day with other mayors around the country who are working in state of the art, air conditioned buildings. Better yet, I would like you to bring your children to my 95 degree classroom and tell them to learn Algebra for a 100 minute class period. And, if after all this, you can tell my students -who also deal with attention disorders and anger management issues-that they are in an environment conducive to learning, well then you can go back to your air conditioned office downtown with a clear and guilt-free conscience, knowing every student in your city is getting an equal and quality eduction.

I look forward to your visit. May I suggest you wear shorts?

Stephanie Jemilo