Monday, March 11, 2013


UIC Prof. Pauline Lipman 
“These school closings have been happening in communities that were already destabilized by the dismantling of public housing, by gentrification and effects of the economic crisis.” -- New York Times
State Rep. Curtis Thomas (D., Phila.) 
"I think it is time for the parents, teachers, and students of Philadelphia to go into federal court - tomorrow. We have a situation that is completely out of control." -- Philadelphia Inquirer
Brian Harris, Charter union (ACTS) president
"If the UNO teachers unionize, people will notice that all of the scary stories that people come up with what a union will do to a charter school, which I think are incredibly false. People will notice that unions and charters can work together just fine." -- WBEZ
L.A.union activistm David Rapkin  
“The ‘strategy’ of closed-door negotiations around single issues without a broad public campaign to defend and promote public education is failing miserably. Out-foxing the enemy at the negotiations table is a losing strategy. It ignores the fact that without building real grassroots power around a broad vision for public education, and a vision that includes our power to wage a popular strike, we cannot win in this political and economic climate.” -- L.A. Times
Ct.Post writer, Hugh Bailey
So maybe that's what he meant. Paul Vallas actually is the Michael Jordan of school reform. And unless he's derailed by lawsuits filed by people who think the superintendent of schools really ought to be lawfully certified to hold the job, he's Bridgeport's guy for the next three years. -- The rules apply to celebrities, too

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  1. Since when is tweaking tests, radical?


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