Sunday, March 24, 2013

I feel Rahm's pain

Try this Mr. Mayor
The mayor says closing 54 schools and displacing 30,000 students has been "very difficult" for him. 
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Saturday said the “difficult” decision to close 54 Chicago elementary schools was not a matter officials took lightly.There is a lot of anguish and I understand that and I appreciate it,” said Emanuel, who appeared to have windburn from his Utah skiing trip. -- Sun-Times
My first thought upon hearing about the mayor's discomfort over the school closings decision was, maybe we should cancel Wednesday's mass protest rally at Daley Plaza in order to give him time to heal his face. After all, just think what he and his family have already been through. I mean, the whole school closing thing coming right on top of the book-banning fiasco would be enough to ruin anyone's ski trip. How could we be so insensitive as to hold a protest and do mass civil disobedience across the city so soon after his vacation

I know I've always hated having to jump back into the rat race the next day after a restful vacation. Not to mention the windburn. I've had that before and believe me when I tell you, it stings. And then your face gets all greasy from the aloe cream... It's horrible.


  1. Feeling Rahm's PainMarch 24, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Not to mention that Rahm had to travel across different gang territories to hold that press conference Saturday. Do you realize how dangerous that is? Luckily, he had his huge security detail with him.

  2. In your last post, my comment mentioned Wal-Mart. Ironically (or not so much), the mayor mentioned the opening of a "148,000-square-foot Wal-MartSupercenter" Saturday.
    Great--and the Waltons will hire even more low-wage workers w/o health insurance who will remain at poverty level (the working poor, instead of the simply out-&-out poor--the welfare poor, who are stealing money from the rest of us {please note sarcasm,here} via government assistance). And instead of the school-to-prison pipeline, thus is the creation of the school-to-low-wage-job pipeline.
    These school closings are being done to make sure every student is college ready? What a sham!
    They're the losers here. The winners? Why, the Waltons, of course. Ka-ching!


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