Monday, April 30, 2012


Gail Collins
Do you know how difficult it is to get anybody to read about “privatization of education?” It’s hell.  A pineapple, on the other hand, is something everybody likes. -- N.Y. Times
Diane Ravitch
New York got the pineapple story because NY is paying Pearson only $32 million for five years of tests. Texas is paying Pearson $500 million for five years of tests. That means that Texas gets the shiny, new questions–the ones that make sense-and NY gets the recycled remainders, the ones that no one else wanted. You get what you pay for. -- Diane Ravitch's Blog
 CTU Pres. Karen Lewis
“[CPS Chief Education officer Noemi] Donoso’s departure is an unwelcome signal of instability on the education side and yet another example of the chaos on Clark Street. It appears that anyone who knows anything about teaching and learning has a short shelf life at CPS.’’ -- Sun-Times
 Michael Winerip
Though the progress reports are assumed to control for demographics like poverty and race, an analysis by The New York Times indicates that schools with the most middle-class students get the best grades. Schools with wealthier students are three times more likely to get an A than schools serving the poor, which are 14 times more likely to get a D or F. --  "On Report Cards for City Schools, Invisible Line Between ‘A’ and ‘F’"

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