Monday, April 23, 2012


He was born to cut Medicaid.
 IL Gov. Pat Quinn
After proposing the take-away of medical coverage from 215,000 of the state's most vulnerable citizens, the governor said: “I know I was put on earth to get this done.” -- Sun-Times
Daniel Pinkwater
"Who knew my book would be used for world’s dumbest test question?" -- Daily News
Deborah Meier
"In the world of testing, it does not really matter whether an answer is right or wrong; the 'right' answer is the one that field testing has shown to be the consensus answer of the 'smart' kids. It’s a psychometric concept.” -- When Pineapple Races Hare, Students Lose
Valerie Strauss
"The whole push for test-based school reform makes about as much sense as a talking pineapple." -- The Answer Sheet
ETS spokesman Tom Ewing
“We don’t want students to come out of a test and perhaps memorize questions or share or discuss questions with students who may not have tested yet,” said Tom Ewing, spokesman for ETS, which administers the SAT for the College Board. -- Miami Herald

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