Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oops...wrong decree!

Plane reading -- Heading back to sweet home Chicago today, thank God. I hate hotels. Need my own pillow to sleep, these days. I've been lugging around my review copy of Education and Capitalism. Maybe I'll get into it on the plane home.

The Reader's Ben Joravsky, as usual, knocks it out of Wrigley Field with his piece on bananas dictator Rahm's longer-school-day insanity.
If you recall, I valiantly tried to save Mayor Emanuel from the mess he got himself into when he unilaterally declared that, from here on out, the public school children of Chicago would have to wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes. Whoops—wrong decree.
The view from D.C -- (actually neighboring Fairfax County, VA) where Woody should film his Bananas sequel. Fairfax schools could become the first in the Washington region to create Virginia Virtual Academy that would allow students to take all their classes from a computer at home.
No sports teams. No pep rallies. No lockers, no hall passes. Instead, assignments delivered on-screen and after-school clubs that meet online. It’s a reimagination of the American high school experience. And it’s a nod to the power of the school choice movement, which has given rise to the widespread expectation that parents should have a menu of options to customize their children’s education.

If I owned an ipad -- which I don't, I'd be keeping my eye right on it even while getting groped.  

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