Monday, April 16, 2012

Our no-bid, win-win, Rahmadier

Marc Boucher, from left, Bombardier vice president of operations; CTA President Forrest Claypool; and Mayor Rahm Emanuel check out a new rail car in November. The cars were later taken out of service because of defects. (Heather Charles, Chicago Tribune / November 8, 2011)
When I was in D.C., an old Chicago friend asked me what Rahm Emanuel was up to back in Chi-Town. It took me some time to explain how autocrat Rahm, the man in charge of our public schools, was handing over our great city to his billionaire patrons. His M.O. -- privatization of public space, corporate cronyism, no-bid contracts, union-busting, all on a scale that makes the Daley dynasty look like small-time petty thievery.

To clear up any confusion, I am sending him this Tribune story about Rahm's secret no-bid deal gone awry with Bombardier. Or as Rahm crony, Forrest Claypool (pictured above) describes it, "a very, very rare potential for a win-win."

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  1. Hi Dr. Klonsky. It's been a while since I've read your blog. Great to see you are still writing here. Have you commented on the new Illinois Teacher Evaluation Law signed by Gov. Quinn? Is it supposed to attract talented young people to the profession or push them away?
    -one of your former students


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